White paper
Project information
This white paper is officially published in the year 2021 under the governance of Val Andrew Perspective Coin, PSTV, is a community driven project suspended in the decentralized blockchain universe launched 8/18/2021. Please note that the coin is subject to greater valuation and association with different projects as it continues to age, list on different exchanges and maintain its spot in the cryptocurrency world. This white paper can be used as viable reference material to help readers understand the mission behind creating Perspective Coin as well as its impending potential.
The Problem
As financial inequity continues to surge and the global community takes to cryptocurrency for income expansion, the Blockchain network is becoming increasingly crowded. Some of the most popular coins out there such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have become unaffordable for the common man. Yet, the decentralized network booms with hidden tokens, not all of which are sufficiently backed by promising technical and fundamental capabilities. This owes to investor strife, in that, reliable tokens that are also affordable have become relatively harder to find.
The Solution
Like many other decentralized digital assets available for trading, staking and purchasing today, Perspective Coin is a similar cryptocurrency free of any central control residing with one person or entity. Although created by the founder is not in a position to control or modify the financial benefits of this coin in any way, whatsoever. In simpler terms, it can be suggested that this non fungible asset does not trace ownership back to anyone or anything. Rather, Perspective Coin has been created with intricate coding and made compelling through its smart contracts. Users can venture forth in their quest to utilize this coin as per their liking, conduct transactions to reap profits and understand its programming language through an extensive understanding of blockchain complexities and cryptocurrency education. Regardless, Perspective Coin’s authorization rights remain with the original founders.What is Perspective Coin?
Perspective Coin is a decentralized digital asset or token sustained within the blockchain
universe. It is among the various cryptocurrencies available to the public, and positions itself as a
viable investment opportunity for those realizing returns from cryptocurrency. Perspective coin created this
token to revolutionize the idea of decentralized money and higher than usual earnings for
investors. PSTV, in itself, is a string of language, and wholly intangible in nature. Just as Bitcoin,
Ethereum and BNB, PSTV, too traces its roots within the digitally diverse network of crypto
tokens subject to market volatility, speculation, and more.
Essentially a BEP20 (BSC) token, PSTV can also be referred to as an emerging altcoin enabling
extended access to those who wish to make money through modern financial assets rather than
outdated formats. As of date of publication, Perspective Coin has been launched on Pancake
Swap, however, its developers are working to get it listed on further exchanges as well.
Commercial Applications
PSTV flaunts various commercial applications, particularly within the financial structure of
trading and transactions. The coin is based on the Ethereum network, verily, it too, can be used
for a variety of purposes involving monetary exchanges of some format. More prominently,
PSTV can be used as a payment method in the near future to buy non-crypto assets, and avail a
range of products and services through select platforms.
Other commercial applications also include PSTV.
Navigating its online payment infrastructure
Online payments through traditional currencies are closely tied to a myriad of problems. Not
only do they leave a breadcrumb trail behind but also subject purchasers to quite the conundrum.Needless to say, banks and traditional agencies look deep into an individual’s transaction history
to enable loans, set rates, and give jobs. With cryptocurrency, transaction tracking isn’t as easy
and does not posit a risk to the person’s regular living status.
As more and more people come to realize the convenience offered by cryptocurrency
transactions, blockchain payments are also becoming more popular. From setting online
appointments to buying tangible goods online, certain payment methods have rapidly become
With a total supply of 20,000,000,100 tokens in circulation, PSTV creators believe that coin has
significant payment potential as well. Verily, developers are viewing this cryptocurrency as a
viable method for online payments in the future. This would solve various problems faced by
avid online shoppers across platforms that come to recognize and accept PSTV as a payment
option. There are also no hassles present including those associated with cash payments, this is,
of course, concerning purchases of all scope, big and small. Developers are currently deploying a
carefully devised strategy to ensure the implementation of this payment plan. The ultimate goal
is to remove the inconvenience out of online payment through PSTV.
There are plenty of other tokens on the market, yet, PSTV assumes its unique spot in the
industry. Although subject to the same influences just as any other altcoin, Perspective Coin
presents itself as a worthy token for investors to put their money in. Despite its new comer status,
PSTV is backed by a plethora of strategic projects that are expected to elevate its price in the
near future. Further down the line, its listing on more popular exchanges like Binance and
Coinbase will be events that exaggerate its valuation in the market. Thus, the idea of this coin
booming is reliant upon a clearly devised strategy for the future.
Participating in the cryptocurrency market is undeniably riddled with risk. However, with the
right strategies and a solid plan, investment opportunities can flourish into rewarding
experiences. It is this approach that forms the foundation for PSTV. Developers strive to use it asa tool for financial success promised down the line to investors. However, there is also ample
technical understanding backing this project. This is of course, inclusive of, the ongoing
volatility of the markets, fundamentals influencing altcoin trajectory and Bitcoin’s continuous
upheavals and downtrends.
Cryptocurrency is the money of the future and with growing popularity; concerns about security
are also rising. Perspective Coin and its developers recognize that in full, such that all necessary
measures have been deployed to ensure investor security. The coin’s decentralized mart contracts
are free of loose ends, and security protocols are engaged with due diligence.
About the Team
Perspective Coin is a decentralized token with ample upcoming projects and research reinforcing
its viability in the blockchain universe. The team behind is comprises experienced
cryptocurrency experts with years in the field redefining financial resilience through the digital
perspective. The experts flaunt an in-depth understanding of the industry along with a highly
diversified skillset that attributes greater buoyancy to PSTV as a stand along token.
Its developers strive to introduce a multiverse of opportunities to investors in the search for new
coins with great potential. Perspective Coin is, thus, a people’s project, built with a stable and
financially sound profile. With economic strife, inflation on the rise and individual living
standards continually taking a hit in various countries, the developers wish to ease the burdens
borne by the community. In that, PSTV follows the visions of its founders whereby the ultimate
goal is to achieve exponential growth through listing on further exchanges and continuing
strategic projects.
Moreover, the coin also derives a robust relation to research, networking, and strategy. This is in
addition to the founder’s approach enriched with integrity and commitment to investors. Unlike
other coins limited in scope due to the rigid vision of their founders, PSTV developers do not
engage in any such frameworks of association. The experts backing this project are not withoutexperience nor expertise which further contributes to PSTV’s potential. Their mission is to
establish a strong foothold in the market and surpass investor expectations with exponential
growth as well as positive technical and financial prospects.
Perspective Coin offers a unique rewards system to its range of investors and adopters, further,
extending opportunities for financial equity. The coin is valued under $1 at the moment with
considerable chances of an upward trajectory in upcoming bull runs and green market prospects.
Perspective Coin can be bought with an equal amount of Ethereum. Investors can purchase
PSTV on the Pancake swap app as well as other exchanges that the token will be launched on in
the future. On average, it can take around ten to thirty minutes to receive the PSTV token in a
wallet, this time is wholly determined by blockchain traffic.
Perspective Coin, so far, has been coming along its journey according to schedule. From it ICO
launch to listing on Pancake Swap has followed a predefined journey or roadmap. At present,
there are various other goals underway still seeking realization. 2021 is expected to set the pace
for PSTV’s future listings. Developers are targeting bigger exchanges such as Binance and
Kucoin, however, this is to be preceded by network partnerships and key collaborations that owe
to a consistent increase in its valuation.
We are also moving forward with increased focus on our telegram following, whereby, the goal
is to exponentially increase more enthusiasts through relevant marketing techniques down the
line. As more people adopt PSTV, and feed into buy transactions, we expect that the trading
volume, will also inevitably increase.
Once a predetermined number of tokens are sold, burning will be conducted to eliminate a
certain amount from the total circulation. This too, will owe to an increase in the price, and thus,
greater rewards for investors.However, this should not take away from the fact that the developers are singlehandedly devoted to bringing PSTV into the spotlight as a viable payment method. The goal is to make this token one of early coins used by customers to complete online purchases. The team expects to draw partnerships with various platforms in order to sign contracts and make PSTV an available option to complete online transactions for anyone. Thus, via a technical prospect, this too, will encourage investment into the coin by traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Token future perspectives
As of 2021, future prospects are looking promising. Further down the line, PSTV will inarguably see a rise in its commercial applications. Once a few steps in the initial journey have been completed, developers are excited to tap new opportunities to grow the token in magnitude. PSTV is likely to engage in its own marketplace or exchange further down the line, which will consolidate the currency’s technical frontier and make it even more compelling for investors.