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What we offer

Paving the path to success

Buying and selling cryptocurrency requires diligence, strategy, and planning. On top of that, you must have a keen eye for the right tokens. At Tech Gig Coin we pave the path to exponential success for our investors. Our approach to reforming and strengthening TG is based on a technical understanding of the markets. Such that, our journey to achieving our goals is just as promising as it is verifiable.

How are you protected

Security Guaranteed

Cryptocurrency is the money of the future. Safe to say, it isn’t going anywhere which is why investing in it is probably the most secure endeavor out there today. The blockchain universe continues to expand with more and more tokens being added to it every hour. Verily, you don’t have to worry about any compromises as long as it comes to security.

Fund Your Credit

Pay with VKN

Are you an avid online shopper? Paying with regular cash can be inconvenient, especially when it comes to large purchases. At VKN, we strive to turn our token into a viable payment module at different platforms. Our specialists are currently deployed with ensuring the right steps toward the implementation of this plan. Rest assured, we will take the inconvenience out of online payment very soon! So, don’t be surprised to find an option to pay with VKN once we’re done.

We’re bringing the future to you

Valkin is a trailblazing token integrated within the blockchain universe. As an emerging name in the market, VKN maintains its spot as a promising investment for those looking forward to the future of cryptocurrency. Our goal is to revolutionize ourselves and ensure tremendous returns for investors who choose to hold our token. Not just that but we are fully aware of the cryptocurrency boom and eager to stand out among the crowd as the leading currency in the near future. Needless to say, we don’t just make empty claims, rather, VKN holders have incredible opportunities to seize at their disposal.

Why us?

Why Choose Us

VKN is a token with a strong foundation of research, networking, and strategy. However, that’s just scratching the surface. We are built on the promise of true integrity and commitment to our investors from the get-go. To top it off, as a part of the decentralized realm, we do not trace our roots to rigid frameworks of systems. Our experts flaunt plenty of talents and expertise that pay an ode to VKN’s potential. Such that, the creative strategy behind the tokens is near infallible which is why investors need not worry about a thing.

Our Features

Buy VKN token online

Place limit and market orders within seconds. At exchange below, buying tokens is incredibly easy and simplified. Once purchased, tokens will show in your wallet instantly. Buy limits will be realized automatically so you don’t have to keep checking for the price to change!

Sell VKN

Sell tokens and coins without hassle. Place market and limit orders! Crypto will be automatically exchanged into the selected base currency. All limit sells will be automatically completed without the need for any manual upkeep from your end.

Trade with Secure

Maintain your peace of mind while trading on our exchange. We make trading fast, streamlined and incredibly easy. Our platform is secured with end-to-end technologies that keep your money safe from breaches, unauthorized access, hacking and more!

Build your reputation

Expand your trading capabilities and impress budding investors with your strategy. VKN allows its users to earn rewards and benefit from limitless gains to build a rock solid repute others can get inspired by.

Meta Mask

Meta Mask cryptocurrency wallet you can download it Support all coints on market.

Earn extra income

Supplement your primary income with amazing crypto profits on the side. Our platform is your one stop shop to make easy money through robust financial strategies.

Pre-Sale & Values

Distribution of Tokens

Increase your wallet size through our token distributions!

03% Gift Code Inventory

30% Bounty and Overhead

40% It Infastructure

50% Legal & Financial

70% Branding and Merketing

PRESALE LEVEL1: 0.0002 LEVEL2: 0.0006 LEVWL3: 0.001



ICO Payment System
We launched our ICO system to facilitate new coin launches and payment methods. Needless to say. This platform mechanism is undeniably the most refined out of all others out there.
Token Fixed Exchange
We determined a fixed rate for exchanging tokens to add more structure to our trading platform and extend convenience to investors.
Investment Banking
VKN made its initial moves into investment banking. Our experts ventured forth with their research to collaborate with key players in the financial industry for agreements of mutual benefit.
Digital Currency
We added a starter pack of different coins and tokens including Bitcoin to our website! Today, VKN continues to increase its pool of cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Transaction
We streamlined the transaction mechanism to support large amounts of trades, quicker intra wallet transfers and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you have an account and sufficient credit over $10 in your wallet, trading tokens is easy. Simply click on the coin you wish to trade, select market or limit buy if you want to purchase crypto. Similarly, you can select market or limit sell as well. Please be informed that you will be required to specify the limit in both cases. 

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It can take up to 30 minutes for your funds to be received into the wallet. Please be informed that the time is wholly determined by blockchain traffic as well as the other exchange’s transfer speed. If you wish to send money from Exchange to another wallet, it typically takes around 10-30 minutes. 

No one will be able to help you if you lost your password and phase you actually lost your token.

Click on the daily chart and press yesterday’s candle. This will reveal the daily high, low as well as the opening and close price of a specific token.


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